Barking Dog cartoon sketch

angry mean barking cartoon dog sketch thumbnail

Here’s a cool sketch of a cartoon Angry Dog. Read on to see the full drawing…

angry mean barking cartoon dog sketch

What’s the deal with the red ink, you ask? Well, any pen that writes in standard black ink gets swiped by the ad reps, always lurking in the production area just waiting for the designers to look the other way so they can add yet another ballpoint to their wampum collection.

I could have converted the art to a black & white drawing in Photoshop, but I figured I would leave it as-is.

This was a very quick cartoon character. I started with the eyes and just let the tail wag the dog, so to speak. I was smart enough to stop (or it was quittin’ time), and there’s just enough here to get the idea down, and no overworking to the artwork or shading.

The artwork in this post is copyright George Coghill or the respective client, and is not to be used for any purposes whatsoever without express written permission.

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2 Responses to Barking Dog cartoon sketch

  1. aledel18 says:

    Hi! I really liked your sketch, do you have some more that i can look at?
    Also what do you use to draw your scketches?

  2. Thomas A. Schneider says:

    Loved this piece, I also drew and paint dogs and animals.

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