Frankenstein cartoon sketches

Cartoon character Frankenstein monster sketchRecently sketched up some cartoon Frankenstein drawings for a current project.

Client wanted more forehead on these but I thought they came out pretty cool for what they were. I have to agree they don’t have the classic Frankenstein look to them, but I was kinda going for something different anyways.

Frankenstein cartoon drawingThe new sketches are coming along, but I need to break out of the mindset I have for these which currently is focused on this approach. Need to mentally cleanse the ol’ ‘palette’.

Worked these up on paper then scanned into Photoshop to refine.

The final art will be going on a ’71 Barracuda for a custom hot rod design – very cool! Will be posting back with more as we get closer to the final.
Frankenstein cartoon character sketch drawing

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6 Responses to Frankenstein cartoon sketches

  1. A.M. says:

    Looks great George!

    71 Barracuda Hot Rod = kick ass! Do you know where this will go on the car? Will it be big, on the hood? Or maybe smaller on the rear quarter-panel or trunk?

  2. George says:

    Thanks! The final art will be painted with shades of gray on the black roof top and trunk. The body of the ‘Cuda will be acid green, so from the side it will mimic the head/hair of Frankenstein’s noggin.

    In the process of working through more revisions, so these may or may not reflect the final direction of the style of Frankie in the end.

  3. stefi says:

    niCe w0rk….:P

  4. eduardo rodriguez says:

    cool drawing

  5. God says:

    Nice drawings! I draw too, Jesus loves to draw also. :)


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