George Coghill is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist specializing in cartoon logo design and cartoon character mascot design. Hire me for your custom cartooning project!

This blog was created partially for shameless self-promotion, and partially to impart some wisdom as I gain it through my working career as a cartoon illustrator. You’ll find updates on my work as well as software tips, product reviews, workflow productivity ideas, cartooning & illustration techniques (especially using Adobe Illustrator) and other thoughts relating to creating artwork on a computer, doing it efficiently and having fun as well. Tips for the freelancer are peppered throughout.

My full cartoon illustration portfolio can be viewed at CoghillCartooning.com.

Check out my client testimonials to hear what satisfied customers have to say about my art.

If you’re curious about the tools I use to create my artwork, I sketch on paper, but do the bulk of the creative work on a Mac Pro with 14GB of RAM, running the latest version of Mac OS X using Adobe Creative Suite 5. Photoshop CS5 for the sketching, Illustrator CS5 for the vector art. You can read up in detail on the software I use to create cartoon characters and a quick overview of how I create my cartoon illustrations.

I of course use a Wacom, currently an Intuos4 Medium Graphics Tablet. I mostly use the Intuos4, even for non-art computer use, but do have a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad on the desk. Yeah, I’m a Mac geek.

Be sure to check out my info pages on cartoon logo copyright and trademarks, the pros and cons of screen printed vs. digital t-shirt printing, and an overview of how to choose a cartoonist for you cartoon logo project.

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