Art Software for OS X & iOS

Quick links to my favorite art and graphics software and apps for Mac OS X and iOS (iPad and iPhone). I also have a page all about my cartooning and illustration tools.

iOS Apps


InkPad is an excellent vector graphics app for the iPad. I’ve demoed quite a few and this one comes closest to working in a desktop-class vector graphics software manner. Layers, transparency, eraser tool and a bunch of features you’d be surprised to be included in an iPad vector graphics apps. Highly recommended.

Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Excellent sketching/drawing/painting app for the iPad. Sketchbook Pro is my default sketching and drawing app on iPad.

Wacom Bamboo Paper

Multi-page sketchbook app for iPad. Ink pen style lines. Very similar to Penultimate. My favorite feature of Bamboo Paper is the multi-pages approach, as well as the speed of the ink lines.


Multi-page sketchbook app for iPad. Line style resembles an ink pen.

Adobe Ideas

Doodle/drawing app from Adobe. Vector-based art, but no  Pen tool or paths/anchors. Marker/pen feel to the lines. Adobe Ideas is best for fun, bold, bright cartoony doodles.

Mac OS X Software

Adobe Illustrator

Industry-standard vector graphics software. I create all my final illustration and cartooning work in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop

Industry-standard photo retouching, painting, drawing and sketching software. I sketch and refine sketches in Adobe Photoshop. With a Wacom graphics tablet and the new Rotate View tool and Drag-Resize brush keyboard shortcut introduced in version CS4, it’s an excellent digital drawing solution.

Sketchbook Pro for Mac

An alternative to Photoshop for sketching. I’m still getting my feet wet on this one, but lots to like and a much lower price for those on a budget.


Raster/bitmap image editing software, similar to Photoshop but at a dramatically lower price. Plenty of drawing/painting/sketching tools. Great for a small budget or a less-powerful Mac.


Minimalist raster/bitmap image editing software. Geared more towards working with existing images.

Other Software

Some software I use to do my cartooning biz, not graphics software but I couldn’t work without them!


To-do list and project management software. Integrates nicely with other areas of OS X including Apple Mail, which is great.


Great note/journal app that syncs with other computers, accessible via web and also your  iPhone and iPad (and Android devices too).


Awesome snippet utility that lets you type a few characters, and it “expands” them into full chunks of longer text. great for replying to emails with standard responses, URLs, email addresses and the like. Also great for co tweaking the website!


The best way to keep track of your passwords, software licenses, credit/debit cards — all with auto-fill in major browsers. Super handy.